You say you miss me and I always say I miss you so much

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Anonymous asked: I said unusual because you don't have that boring and ordinary beauty. You're interesting, you're different. Being different it's a good thing in my opinion anyways haha

yeah it’s always a good thing hah that’s more clear! thank you! 


Anonymous asked: Oh fuck! I have a black one of those - I found it at a car boot years ago but didn't actually know it had a proper name oops. Somebody showed me Avril Lavigne's new song today. It was so k-pop it actually hurt me to watch it through. You should watch it, so at least somebody else can have those images haunting them as well. Hello kitty everywhere..

hahaha i want a poison ring so much appreciate it! and i don’t think i want to experience that and ruin family guy 


Anonymous asked: you're very beautiful but in an unusual way (that was a compliment in case it wasn't clear lol)

hahah it wasn’t very clear but thank you anyways! 


Anonymous asked: I want to go into children's psychology after my degree in general psychology : )

cool do it! it would be so interesting good luck! 


Karlie Kloss by Ben Hassett for L’express Styles April 2014

Parker van Noort Photo: Philippe Vogelenzang

Anonymous asked: I'm going to be honest - i have no idea what you mean by 'poison ring' but I can imagine its quite interesting.. I haven't been in there for quite a while, it was very 'hello kitty'-esque last time i was there... Mind me asking where about's you're from, like before you went to uni?

a poison ring it’s kind of a locket but a ring haha google it, theres so many different stalls in there but i have seen hello kitty shit haha and Middlesbrough in the north east 


Chloe Sevigny by Rankin, 1996

Cara Delevingne walking for Burberry in Shanghai, China - 24/04/2014

cara for burberry will always be one of my favourite campaigns/runways 

Anonymous asked: It's just bloody capital letters that get me. I don't know whether to read it as a shouty voice or just giddy bouncing you see ha. Also, talking of places in manc.. Have you dared to venture into Afflecks Palace yet?

hahah yeah take it as the giddy one, and yeah! i’ve been in there a few times i buy daft bits from there just like incense and nose rings and stuff but there’s some cooooool stuff in there! they have the best poison rings too! 


Beyoncé for Time Magazine